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Reiki I&II Classes 

We are offering the First Degree of the Usui method of Reiki in two sessions . Students learn to sense the ki. (Life force energy) as well as learning palm healing on themselves and on others.


Rei means Spirit and Ki means Life force Energy, So Reiki is Spiritual Life Force Energy.  The Usui Method of Reiki contains five elements.  

             The first four elements are covered in Reiki I

1.  Gokai - Code of practice for Reiki practitioners - the secret of happiness


                 For today only

                          Do not anger

                          Do not worry

                          Be humble                         

                          Be honest in your work

                          Be compassionate to yourself and others

    2.  Kokyo - Breath

           Meditation and active Qigong type excercises that develop your  relationship  with Earth energy, Heaven energy and Heart energy

     3.  Tenohira - Palm Healing

Learn to heal yourself and others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

    4.  Reiju - Spiritual Blessing from the teacher, a Reiki Master that connects the student to their true nature and gives them what they need to progress on their spiritual path.

    5.  Mantras and Symbols are the fifth element and are covered in Reiki II

Reiki II

In a one day session, students receive a spiritual blessing (Attunement). Students will work on palm healing on each other and are introduced to working with Mantras, Symbols and Distance healing .


Reiki II Class:

Mantra and Symbol 1

The Mantra and Symbol 1 characteristic is Focus.  It connects you with the Earth Energy YIN or IN which is heavy, powerful, and grounding.  Working with this energy helps you create a solid foundation for your practice.

Mantra and Symbol 2

The Mantra and Symbol 2 characteristic is Harmony.  It helps the student connect to the Heavenly energy which is light.  It helps to increase the students intuition and stimulate the upper hara center creating more psychic ability and a stronger connection to spirit. 

Mantra and Symbol 3

The Mantra and Symbol 3 characteristic is Connection.  It helps the student connect to the Oneness of all things.  Working with this energy transcends space and time.  The student will learn how to heal their past and their future in a guided practice in class .  Students practice connecting with others and sending Reiki to others at a distance