Private Session
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What should I expect in a Private Session ?

The process is simple. You lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, covered in blankets. There are candles lit and soft meditation music is playing. The practitioner lightly applies her hands focusing on specific areas of your body, as a result one may feel some emotional release or warmth as the Reiki energy flows into your body. The most common experience during a treatment is a sense of peace and deep relaxation.


Reiki leads us back to a state of wholeness.


Mental Clearing

Negative experiences frequently condition our attitude to life and our behavior. This kind of unconscious programming makes us attract the same distressful experiences over and over again. With Reiki we can release old thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us. The newly created space can be replaced with a new positive action. Depression can be released and be replaced with a joyful outlook on life; fear can be released be replaced with love and trust. Happiness and a positive attitude can replace negativity. A mental clearing is performed after discussion with the client. It may be done as part of normal Reiki treatment and only lasts a few minutes.