“Annette Ponischil is a Reiki Master of the highest order. I say this because I have been blessed to experience her Reiki Touch many times. Each time is different in that the wisdom she brings resonates always with is going on with me emotionally and physically and her energy builds a temple where I can heal in ways I need to heal at that time.  “There are many who call themselves master healers or Reiki masters….I have known many of them, but none are as authenitic, earthy or devoted to a higher more loving frequency of healing than Annette Ponischil. Annette Ponischil is a real Reiki healer.”    —Carol Simone, Author/Hynotherapist, Palo Alto California

“As a long time Reiki Master, I can’t say enough about Annette’s Reiki work. She is highly intuitive in her work and has her own special energy signature.  Her heart is wide open and you can feel the amazing energy she is able to channel.”

— Terry Attwood, Hypnotherapist/ Reiki Master

“Reiki has been an important part of my life ever since I discovered it after my divorce twenty years ago. When she moved to Hawaii and I moved to Southern California at first I was upset, but soon remembered that she does distance reiki as well.  She has been doing this for my family members in crisis for some time.  If you find it hard to believe, remember modern (theoretical) physics says there is no distance where energy is concerned. “

—Kate Strasburg

“Annette is a fantastic Reiki Practitioner! I have had the good fortune of working with her over the past few years. She is not only a Reiki Master, but has a M.A. in counseling. She is both loving and grounded. I always walk away from our session feeling at peace and both physically and emotionally. “

—Tobi Bruce